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Slick Plastic Sheets for Truck Beds, Hoppers, & Bins


UHMW and HDPE Plastic Sheets – Large orders of UHMW and HDPE sheets in many thicknesses are available immediately. Slick plastic sheets for truck beds, hoppers, and bins can be cut down to small wear pads, used for vehicle fenders, welded together for a nearly endless wear strip, or trimmed to meet specific dimensions. Horn Plastics carries a variety of slick plastic sheets for truck beds, hoppers, and bins in a wide range of properties and prices.


Whether you are seeking a new abrasive-resistant plastic that is durable and long-lasting, UHMW and HDPE plastic sheets are ideal for a multitude of operations. UHMW and HDPE plastic sheets perform well in high-stress applications. Moreover, UHMW and HDPE plastic sheets are suitable for a wide range of temperatures and stressors utilized during industrial projects.


There are several useful applications that exhibit the benefits of utilizing the proper plastic sheets for transportation of construction materials and other materials that require easy distribution from the bed of your vehicle to the job site you are working on. Browse our online selection of high-performance slick plastic sheets for truck beds, hoppers, and bins, and find the perfect plastic sheets to accommodate your needs.

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Cheap heavy plastic liners, sheets and rolls are often available in our clearance section. Shop by location or material.

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