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Live Bottom Trailer Plastic Liners


Horn Plastics is a proven supplier to many of the country’s largest live bottom manufacturers. Our HMW Blue Stripe slopes and UHMW Blue Iron floors are the standard in the live bottom industry.   We offer highly experienced, expertly trained installers who are available to solve any plastic issues you have in your live bottom trailer.  From small repair jobs to full tear out and replacement of the plastic liners,  Horn Plastics Inc. is the industry leader in sales, expert advice, installation, and repair of live bottom plastic systems.

Efficiency Gained with Our Product

Super-Slide provides live bottom trailer plastic liners for a multitude of applications, the versatility of our plastic liners allow use in many industries for many types of equipment. A liner will help eliminate load sticking problems, which will allow you to haul more with less carry back. Although the process of installing a live bottom trailer plastic liner can be time-consuming, however, the cost of the liner and the time spent will be made up—and then some—in efficiency gained with the use of our products.

Our live bottom trailer plastic liners are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and industrial-sized applications; our engineering team works to ensure our products meet the standards our clients expect. To meet and exceed expectations, our plastic liners will drastically reduce unnecessary expenses while increasing your business’s efficacy. With the benefits provided by our high-performance live bottom trailer plastic liners, you will see the difference in your workload as well as your overall time spent on any given project.

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