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Yellow Quartz Liner for Dump Trucks


UHMW Yellow Quartz is durable enough to take on the toughest loads. With quartz added for the best wear and impact resistance, this one-piece 100% virgin UHMW plastic liner is our highest wearing liner. Super-Slide UHMW Yellow Quartz Liner for Dump Trucks is a premier blend of UHMW Polymer with a 7-9 million molecular weight.

This grade is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable, making these liners ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Although designed for off-road vehicles and industrial-grade construction transportation vehicles, we line more than just dump trucks! Our UHMW Yellow Quartz Liner for Dump Trucks are ideal for any kind of transportation equipment you utilize to handle and transport rugged material such as gravel, stones, and more! If your industrial vehicle regularly takes a beating, it needs the protection of Yellow Quartz!

The Super-Slide Service Equation

High quality products and service offered by a solutions oriented team plus fast lead times equals a job well done. We’re responsive. When you call, we answer prepared to help you. Agricultural and industrial work is the foundation of communities throughout the world. You can’t afford to cut corners and we promise not to cut corners on you. We view integrity as an essential part of our foundation.

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  • Highest wearing UHMW liner
  • 100% virgin UHMW liner - more consistent, reliable and durable liner
  • Quartz filled - greatly increases abrasion resistance and hardness
  • 2% silicone - lubricant that reduces wear, increases release and amplifies sliding
  • UV stabilized - protects liner from sunlight which will normally breakdown a liner
  • Weldable and repairable - if damage does occur, our liners are repairable
  • 3/8" & 1/2" thickness
  • Widths up to 192"
  • Yellow Quartz weight
  • One-piece liner
  • Custom widths and roll lengths available