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Red Hot Dump Truck Bed Super Slide Liners


UHMW Red Hot Dump Truck Bed Super Slide Liners is designed to handle high temperatures without losing the release or wear resistance that Super-Slide liners are known for. It is glass-filled which decreases thermal expansion and increases the abrasion resistance and hardness of UHMW. Red Hot is ideal as an asphalt liner, fly ash liner or for hauling any material requiring release and wear resistance at high temperatures.

We design our Red Hot dump truck bed super slide liners to maximize payload while adding a layer of added protection to your truck bed. They also assist with the release of industrial loads including sand, gravel, rock, coal, limestone, and more. These Red Hot dump truck bed super slide liners are prefabricated to your dimensions for easy installation in your dump truck or trailer.

The Super-Slide Service Equation

High-quality products and services offered by a solutions-oriented team plus fast lead times equal a job well done. We’re responsive. When you call, we answer prepared to help you. Agricultural and industrial work is the foundation of communities throughout the world. You can’t afford to cut corners and we promise not to cut corners on you. We view integrity as an essential part of our foundation.

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  • Best all-around UHMW liner
  • 100% virgin UHMW liner - more consistent, reliable and durable liner
  • Heat stabilized
  • Glass-filled
  • 2% silicone - lubricant that reduces wear
  • UV stabilized -
  • Weldable and repairable
  • 1/2" thickness
  • 1/4" & 3/8" on request
  • only 1/2" recommended for asphalt
  • Widths up to 192"
  • Red Hot weight
  • One-piece liner
  • Custom widths and roll lengths available