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HMW Blue Stripes Dump Trailer Liners


HMW Blue Stripes plastic dump trailer liners are a popular medium grade plastic liner with excellent release action. Made of virgin HMW, Blue Stripe is the best choice when you need a reliable multipurpose product. If you haven’t purchased a Super-Slide liner before, Blue Stripe is a great liner to begin with.

HMW Blue Stripes plastic dump trailer liners are 100% virgin HMW, dye-free, and free of reused plastic. HMW Blue Stripe’s natural color minimizes its amount of sunlight absorption. Its UV stabilizer protects the liner from the damaging effects of sunlight. Also, with a Blue Stripe, you know you are getting quality.

HMW End Dump Liners are becoming more and more common to use in the back of dump trucks and dump trailers for a multitude of applications, including commercial and industrial projects. Our HMW Blue Stripes plastic dump trailer liners offer continual benefits, including their durability and reliability along with easy transportation and distribution of job site materials. It is clear why businesses are equipping their industrial vehicles with our liners—the benefits of these HMW Blue Stripes plastic dump trailer liners far outweigh the relatively small initial cost.

Super-Slide liners are available in various grades, widths, and thicknesses to fit any application.

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  • 100% virgin HMW liner - more consistent, reliable and durable liner
  • UV stabilized - protects liner from sunlight which will normally breakdown a liner
  • Weldable and repairable - if damage does happen, our liners are repairable
  • Combination liner option - able to make a thicker tail end of liner
  • 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" thickness
  • Widths up to 192"
  • Blue Stripe weight
  • Custom widths and roll lengths available