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Blue Iron UHMW Industrial Hopper Liners


Blue Iron UHMW Industrial Hopper Liners are the most demanded UHMW Industrial Plastic Liner. It’s high grade, durable and dependable with a level of slipperiness that is unmatched. Blue Iron is made from Horn Plastics’ proprietary formula for a superior UHMW. The standard UHMW formula has been improved to enhance the characteristics of UHMW for more demanding applications.  It has 2% silicone added and is UV stabilized, setting it apart from its competitors.

Compared to UHMW Black liners, Blue Iron has some noticeable differences. First, the black color will absorb more heat from the sun. From that additional heat, there will be more liner expansion and that could cause the liner to bubble. Second, UHMW black liners do not contain silicone. Silicone is a lubricant additive that increases release, amplifies material flow, reduces wear, and decreases frictional heat from sliding materials. Third, Blue Iron UHMW Industrial Hopper Liners are also UV stabilized. UV stabilized additives give additional protection from sunlight which will normally break down a liner over time.

UHMW Black – Good material, but if you want quality go with Blue Iron.

UHMW Black is an economical UHMW. There are similarities to Blue Iron; however, Blue Iron is a premium product in nearly every aspect. Nevertheless, in less demanding applications with a tight budget, UHMW Black may be a suitable product. Be sure to talk to a Super-Slide representative for advice on the best liner for your application and budget.


  • UHMW heavy wear, high impact
  • 2% silicone - lubricant that reduces wear, increases release and amplifies sliding
  • UV stabilized - protects liner from sunlight which will normally breakdown a liner
  • Weldable and repairable - if damage does happen, our liners are repairable
  • Combination liner option - able to make a thicker tail end of liner
  • 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" thickness
  • Widths up to 192"
  • Blue Iron weight
  • One-piece liner
  • Custom widths and roll lengths available