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Dump Trucks & Trailers

All Super-Slide® plastic liners are non-stick, self lubricating and seamless. They help sticky materials slide out. Super-Slide liners are easy to install. They are available in various grades, widths and thicknesses to fit any application. Super-Slide plastic liner color options are all about substance, because we know that dependability and reliability are the only things in style on the job. Each Super-Slide plastic liner product has a unique quality and color that sets them apart from other plastic bed liners on the market. With our liners, you always know what you’re getting the moment you see the plastic liner’s color.

What color will best get your job done?

  • Blue Iron – Heavy duty liner with high abrasion resistance properties and excellent release.
  • Blue Stripe – Economical, dependable, medium duty liner with great release properties.
  • Red Hot – Extremely durable and heat resistant virgin UHMW liner able to handle hot temperatures.
  • Yellow Quartz – The highest wearing virgin UHMW liner available.


Cheap dump truck and trailer liners are often available in our clearance section. Shop by location or material.

Number of Loads Per Hour
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Cost Per Ton or Cubic Yard
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