Fargo, ND

712 38th St N, Suite D
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: 701-282-7447
Toll Free: 800-373-7448
Fax: 701-281-0439
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Fargo, North Dakota, home of Horn Plastics Inc., is a major transportation and agricultural hub for the Midwest. Fargo sits at the crossroads of two major interstates, I-29 and I-94; and, has Hector International Airport. Horn Plastics is just a short jog off of I-29 in Fargo.

Horn Plastics is proud to have started in a growing city like Fargo; a city grounded in small town sensibility with its eye on innovation. Fargo, North Dakota was recently ranked as the 2nd Best Small Place for Businesses and Careers by Forbes Magazine. Part of what puts Fargo, North Dakota in the lead is innovators like Phil Horn, founder of Horn Plastics.

Horn Plastics is happy to be able to hire production, sales and service staff from Fargo’s talented and well-educated community. Horn Plastics’ business reaches far beyond Fargo’s expanding city limits; they work with people and ship products around the globe.

At the Fargo, North Dakota location of Horn Plastics, a lot of fabrication is done and so is a lot of shipping to the tri-state area. As with all Horn Plastics’ locations, Horn Plastics’ Fargo location carries all of its products, including the popular UHMW Blue Iron® and HMW Blue Stripe liners.

Fargo is an agricultural community, where sugar beets are grown in rich, sticky soil. Phil Horn noticed sugar beets getting stuck in truck beds when they were being dumped at sugar factories in Fargo, North Dakota. Phil Horn thought of a solution and the solution was dump truck bed liners that would increase the ability of the loads being hauled to slide out with ease when being delivered.

Fargo is a booming, growing city.  Thanks to its dedication to higher education, Fargo has a work force rich in skill and ability. North Dakota State University, Minnesota State University Moorhead and Concordia College are located in the Fargo metropolitan area, as well as University of Mary, Rasmussen College and Globe University.