Boise, ID

7293 W Airway Court, Suite A
Boise, ID 83709
Phone: 208-376-2221
Toll Free: 800-373-7448
Fax: 701-281-0439

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Boise, Idaho, the City of Trees, is a city striving towards being one of the most livable in the nation. Boise is rich with opportunities for Horn Plastics to partner and collaborate with other companies on creating the best plastic dump truck bed liners available in the industry. Collaboration ensures that customers are getting the best product, for the best price.

Boise, Idaho does have a robust urban center. It also has a strong agricultural and manufacturing community. Horn Plastics’ Boise location collaborates with several manufacturers in the area. Thanks to the agricultural and manufacturing community of Boise, Idaho, there are a lot of customers for Horn Plastics to help, like the area’s potato farmers. The dump truck and trailer bed liners produced by Horn Plastics are able to be used in a variety of applications that serve the Boise, Idaho area well, from the potato farmers to those hauling heavy industrial supplies. Horn Plastics serves those located in the Boise, Idaho area and beyond.

Its Boise, Idaho location, like all Horn Plastics locations, works with people worldwide and delivers high quality plastic dump truck bed liners, custom built to service their customers’ needs. There is also a fusion welder on site at the Horn Plastics’ Boise facility.

The Boise, Idaho Horn Plastics facility primarily serves the Rocky Mountains and Western United States. Its location helps facilitate shipping to all points in the Western regions of North America and beyond its shores across the Pacific.