Affordable Hard Plastic Liners Provide Years of Use. Slippery Hard Plastic Liners Since 1983.

Horn Plastics and Superslide.com provide a quality line of slippery hard plastic liners. Fill out the form on this page or call us at (800) 373-7448 to discuss your options and to receive your free no-obligation price quote. We are currently running discounts on shipping costs and also installation services at any of our five locations nationwide.

At Horn Plastics and Superslide.com quality hard plastic liners are not an afterthought, this is the only service we offer. Our specialty is quality products at affordable prices. Our employees are kind and down to earth. We appreciate your business.

Dump Truck

We offer different grades of dump truck liners depending on the use. All are durable and slippery with a low coefficient of friction. Fill out the form to talk with a member of our sales team. We will make sure that you know the difference between our five different liners and we’ll help you determine the right thickness. If you’d like you can place an order over the phone or just call us back when you are ready. We offer Blue Iron, Blue Stripe, Red Hot, Yellow Quartz and also have an economy line for light duty work.

Brand Loyalty

Horn Plastics has been a leader in the dump truck and agricultural liner business for over thirty years. We started out in North Dakota with a liner that increased efficiency for Beet farmers. Since then we’ve engineered many different products for a variety of uses and budgets. Fill out the form to speak with a friendly office rep. and you too will see why our customers are always willing to recommend Horn Plastics and superslide.com to their friends and family.


The hopper and agricultural liners we offer at Horn Plastics will increase efficiency and productivity and minimize downtime. Our products are affordable and long lasting. Our proprietary liners have an advantage over the competition and will save you time, stress and money. If you are strictly concerned about cost we also offer an economy line that will do a great job for a lower cost. We’ve also got plenty of clearance priced overstock and end-pieces. Fill out the form and a friendly employee will call to recommend the perfect fit.