Why should I buy a Super-Slide® plastic liner?

Since the early 1980’s, Horn Plastics has taken pride in our highest quality products, unmatched service and the quickest lead times. With 2% silicone for extra material release, UV stabilized to prevent cracking from extended exposure to sunlight and widths up to 16 feet wide, Super-Slide plastic liners exceed its performance promises for our customers. From start to finish, you’ll experience an honest, knowledgeable and hardworking team who will answer all of your questions and help get the best liner for your needs. Super-Slide liners are always in stock at our multiple locations across the US, so you can get the liner you need when you need it.

Are Super-Slide® plastic liners any different than other liners I can buy?

All Super-Slide products have unique formulas that set them apart from other liners on the market. Only Super-Slide UHMW liners contain 2% silicone to give an even better self-lubricating release. UHMW Yellow Quartz is the highest wearing UHMW liner. In addition, all Super-Slide products are UV stabilized to prevent cracking from extended exposure to the sun. Each product is distinctively colored, Yellow, Red, Blue, and White with a Blue Stripe, to prove you have a one of a kind product.

What benefits do Super-Slide® plastic liners provide?

  • Self Lubrication
  • Wear Resistance
  • Good Cold Weather Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Non-stick
  • Impact Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Weldable
  • Noise Reduction
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Machinable
  • Repairable

In what applications can I use Super-Slide® plastic liners?

Super-Slide® plastic liners can be used anywhere. Applications include, but are not limited to: articulated dump trucks, augers, cold feed bins, dozer blades, feed wagons, end dumps, garbage trucks, hoppers, manure spreaders, railroad cars, roll off containers and wear plates.

How long will a Super-Slide® plastic liner last?

The life of the Super-Slide plastic liner depends on the products hauled with it, the number of loads it carries and the condition of your floor. In general, a Red Hot liner will be two times as durable as a steel liner and four times as durable as an aluminum liner. A Blue Iron liner will generally be one time more durable than steel and three times more durable than aluminum.

How much does Super-Slide® weigh?

Grade Thickness Pounds per Square Foot
Blue Iron 1/2″ 2.50
  3/8″ 1.88
  1/4″ 1.25
Blue Stripe 1/2″ 2.60
  3/8″ 1.95
  1/4″ 1.30
  3/16″ 0.98
  1/8″ 0.65
Red Hot 1/2″ 2.50
  3/8″ 1.88
  1/4″ 1.30
Yellow Quartz 1/2″ 2.50
  3/8″ 1.88
Steel* 1/2″ 20.50
Aluminum** 1/2″ 7.50

*Steel weighs eight times more than Super-Slide plastic.
Pound for Pound: Red Hot outwears steel 16 to 1
Pound for Pound: Blue Iron outwears steel 12 to 1

**Aluminum weighs three times more than Super-Slide plastic.
Pound for Pound: Red Hot outwears aluminum 12 to 1
Pound for Pound: Blue Iron outwears aluminum 9 to 1

Can I haul rip-rap or demolition with my Super-Slide® plastic liner?

Rip-rap and demolition are not recommended. However, with care and only under specific conditions, these materials may be hauled on Super-Slide plastic liners.

  1. Before loading any material, put a layer of dirt on the liner.
  2. Load the rip-rap or demolition very carefully.

Immediately, repair any punctures or holes in the liner.

Can I haul hot asphalt with Super-Slide® Blue Iron?

No. Only Super-Slide Red Hot is rated for hot asphalt.

Which Super-Slide® product is right for me?

Below is a general guideline showing which liners are capable of hauling certain materials.  Please contact your nearest Super-Slide Sales Representatives so that they can get you suited with the best liner for your particular needs. Find the location nearest to you or give us a call at our toll-free number: 800-373-7448.

Not all liners are created equal and vary in price.

Dirt & Clay X X X X
Salt X X X X
Sand X X X X
Sludge X X X X
Snow X X X X
Aggregates/Limestone/Gravel X X X X
Coal   X X X
Fly Ash   X X X
Hot Asphalt     X  

How long does it take to install a Super-Slide® plastic liner?

A typical installation takes six to seven hours for two people. With experience, it may take two people as little as four hours.

What tools are needed to install a Super-Slide® plastic liner?

A list of tools along with instructions and installation tips can be found in the Super-Slide Installation Guide.

Which way should the scores face?

The scores should always face up.  Click here for a copy of our SCORING DIMENSION WORKSHEET


How do I know which side should face up?

Super-Slide Blue Stripe needs to be unrolled and flipped over before installing. No flipping is needed for Super-Slide Red Hot, Blue Iron and Yellow Quartz liners.

What can I do to extend the life of my Super-Slide® plastic liner?

Make sure no material has become lodged under the liner. Foreign material caught under the liner creates high spots, which cause faster wear. Also, check to make sure the cover strips are not damaged to restrict the liners expansion. Pressure-wash the liner to keep film and residue from building up on the liner. Check your liner regularly to identify and correct any problems as soon as possible.